Overview of Assessment

The easy-to-use assessment tracker allows teachers, support staff and PE specialists to easily identify pupils using any of the four visuals on the Skillz Bib. 

This is especially useful when teachers acquire new classes and are getting to know the names of pupils or when schools employ outside agencies to come in and deliver the lessons. 

Set in register order, pupils are given the same Skillz Bib for each half term, enabling staff to carry out simple assessment tasks from the learning criteria or through their own knowledge. Staff can then start to recognise which pupils are working towards which grades.

Alternatively, staff can choose a colour group to assess for one particular lesson and record the grades accordingly. It would be advisable to pencil in the grades first as the pupils are hopefully going to develop and improve as the topic goes on.

On the other hand, staff can give all pupils a pencil grade in week 1 and allow them to progress through their learning to week 6 where their grades can be permanently recorded.

Any pupils that are identified as gifted and talented can be highlighted in the Gifted and Talented column or recognised as their colour and number at the bottom of the AFL tracker.

On the attainment level columns, staff are able to total up the grades for each pupil for each topic to give them a clear indication of what they are good at and where they can improve for the following year.

There is also an effort grade in the final column ranging from excellent, good and to improve. Upper key stage 2 pupils can use the column to self-assess their own efforts throughout the year.

Overall, the assessment tracker provides clear and measurable outcomes for every pupil, giving the school a simple format to record evidence for data and impact measurement moving forwards.

Overview of the Planning