Overview of Planning

The planning is based around the Skillz Bibs with the focus being on the acquisition and application of fundamental movements and skills that progress towards an understanding of games.

Set in six-week blocks to run alongside each half term is lesson plans, learning criteria and assessment templates for Foundation Stage, Key Stage 1, Lower Key Stage 2 and Upper Key Stage 2.

The planning ensures a full progression from ABC’s and skills to games within one topic and covers six topics for one academic year giving you a sustainable and measurable system to build a successful structure for PE.

The lesson planner template uses a series of boxes and prompt questions in blue text to help follow and plan lessons successfully. Within the lesson plan, there is a series of challenging and appropriate questions that allow pupils to be fully immersed and engaged in their learning, which provides evidence of progressive learning.

Differentiation is effectively used throughout the warm-up and core task using the visuals on the Skillz Bibs. Where necessary, teachers should have the relevant support in lessons for pupils that require 1:1 support.

The lesson planner template is a flexible working document that can be used to create or re-visit a lesson from weeks 1-6 on the structured planning. During a shorter half term, user's may work through the normal weeks.

Athletics is a key focus during half term 2 and half term 5. These topics can be used to arrange a mini-Olympics within each class, which enables pupils to apply acquired skills to accumulate points in a range of different events resulting in the top three boys and the top three girls receiving medals in the order of gold, silver and bronze.

Overview of the Planning