At Sport Elevation we know that elevating aspirations through PE is important for every child. Attainment in this field can lead to success in other curriculum topics, enhance self-esteem and boost self-confidence throughout their educational journey.

Skillz Bibs from Sport Elevation help your school to meet current government objectives by providing a structured system that supports the physical and mental wellbeing, individual, social and economic development of your pupils.

Package consists of:

  • 1 full day teaching of high-quality PE
  • After school club all year round
  • Unique Skillz Bib system
  • Entry into our annual Olympic Day
  • 1 CPD card for staff
  • 1 day equipment prep every school holiday
  • Quality assurance from the team
  • Annual Re-licensing fee of £145.00 per year

CPD Testimonial - Tuesday 24th April 2018

"Chris delivered concise, practical and useful training to our staff that will help improve the pace, delivery and activity levels in our PE lessons across school. The training was thoroughly enjoyed by all and the Skillz Bibs will be an excellent tool that will be easy to implement in school and will help the children make progress at an accelerated rate as well as improving their thinking skills in an exciting format." 

The training was described as the best PE training some teachers have seen in nearly 2 years of teaching. Thanks Chris!

Michael Geaney, Teacher and PE Co-ordinator, Intake Primary Academy, Doncaster, UK