12th September 2017


Rosehill Junior School in Rawmarsh has become the first school to sign up to an innovative new PE programme which aims to boost achievement by linking sports with other areas of the national curriculum to help improve pupils’ physical, social and academic development.


Local startup company Sport Elevation has developed a unique set of ‘Skillz Bibs’ which combine colours, numbers, letters and shapes to boost literacy and numeracy, and facilitate different learning outcomes through PE.


Sport Elevation’s founder, Chris White, has been teaching PE to pupils at Rosehill for the past year, and with the school’s blessing, has used the opportunity to develop and enhance the programme to create a winning combination of planning, assessment and high quality delivery.


Describing the partnership, Chris said:


‘It’s been great working with such a forward-thinking school. The staff have been positive and enthusiastic about the Skillz Bibs and the children have really engaged with the lessons and demonstrated just how powerful PE can be.’


‘It’s not just a case of making sure kids get enough exercise. Attainment in this field can lead to success in other curriculum areas, enhance pupils’ self-esteem and boost their confidence throughout their educational journey. The name Sport Elevation describes exactly what we as a company are trying to achieve.’


We’re delighted that Rosehill are coming on board as our first flagship school.’


Lifelong Barnsley supporter and sports advocate Martin Wagstaff, is Head Teacher at Rosehill. For Martin, the Skillz Bibs system aligns perfectly with the ethos of the school:


‘We never underestimate what our children and their families can do once they put their minds to it. It’s all about achievement and going the extra mile. If that means getting in a great sports professional like Chris in, we’ll do it.’


‘Chris really brings out the children’s confidence and they thoroughly enjoy his sessions. Who knows where that enjoyment will take them. We just want to provide them with the opportunity to learn new skills and do as well as they possibly can.’


It’s not merely about academic achievement – sport helps to build fundamental life skills like decision-making, problem-solving and working as a team. We’re creating well-rounded individuals, who are ready to move on to the next stage in their school career. At Rosehill, we focus on the whole child and nurture all their talents.’