Creators of innovative solutions

The Focus

  • Effective Decision Making on the field of play
  • Effective Coaching Methods and Strategies
  • Effective Pursuit of Performance Excellence

The Sessions

Using each visual, possession with-a-purpose based sessions have been devised with a progression using 2-4 goals. The objective is for grassroots and academy coaches to implement where they feel necessary within their programme. Sessions are based around 18 players but can be tailored to specific numbers that allow both the coach and the player to focus on the above three provisions. Each session can be stipulated using any of the 40 decision making challenges with nine support questions available to use at any time.

The Solutions

Within a session the formulas enhance core life skills such as effective listening and communication, problem-solving and working together as a team to create spaces to be successful to retain the ball in high-pressured encounters. Together with thinking and decision-making, these key skills allow players and coaches to enhance their individual knowledge, team-cohesion and mental skills to create confident players who can have more of an impact on the field of play to achieve world-class recognition.


Creators of innovative solutions

“Thank you for your time and efforts on Saturday. The girls enjoyed the session and the product. I liked the concept and the idea behind the product. Players were challenged and it helped with decision making, awareness and communication.”

Kevin Murphy, Technical Director, Heart of Midlothian Women, UK