Creators of innovative solutions

Sport Elevation is a young, vibrant company passionate about developing innovative solutions to aid the general teaching of sports while integrating new techniques to teachers and pupils. Using a system based approach to PE we solve the challenges of how to plan and deliver lessons whilst assessing pupils to National Curriculum standards.

The proven system is based around the Skillz Bibs, which allows pupils to enhance their potential through PE whilst developing new skills and being actively submerged within their learning.

The Skillz Bib is a multi-purpose and high-performance piece of apparel that comprises of colours, numbers, letters and shapes. The unique nature of the bibs is designed to enhance individual, group, and team-based development from Foundation entry to the end of Key Stage 2.

When a school signs up to the system they receive a set of 36 bibs, access to their own online learning portal with over 45 downloadable useful documents, easy-to-use assessment criteria and trackers as well as continued support.

If you require assistance with external provision from one of our qualified members of staff then please contact us for more information.


"I have worked with Sport Elevation on many occasions and I have found their approach to be consistent and effective. They are extremely committed to improving primary school PE and they possess a good understanding of the PE National Curriculum."

Simon Tabbner, Head Teacher, Silkstone Common Primary School, Barnsley, UK